Charcoal Roti Canai @ Tangga Batu

Roti Canai is one of the most favourite breakfast for Malaysian, but now most of the people’s is replacing using the stove with gas for fast cook instead of using Charcoal. But, Melaka are still have using charcoal to make the roti canai instead of using gas stove.

The charcoal roti canai is located at Tangga Batu, near to the Petronas Penapisan, the location of the stall is not hard to found, where you will see some crowd is eating for the Charcoal Roti Canai!

Nowadays, there are less people’s using the Charcoal… …

The extra flavor of the Charcoal is an advantage for this stall roti canai other than their crispy roti canai, sure you can refresh back your old memories where your Grandmum cooking with Charcoal!

The gravy for the roti canai is different and little unique, they replace the Dahl where we normally took at Mamak stall with kinda like ‘satay sauce’ with little peanuts, a little refreshing taste when the first eat of this gravy together with Charcoal Roti Canai.

Other than Charcoal Roti Canai, Asam Pedas here also a good try if you are fans of Melaka Asam Pedas.

Roti Canai Tangga Batu (Charcoal Roti Canai)
Business Hours : 7.00pm – 12.00am (Closed on Friday)
GPS Coordinates : N2.253527, E102.149983