Nasi Lemak @ Jalan Tengkera

Nasi Lemak always is Malaysian favourite cuisine for our daily breakfast, while my most favourite Nasi Lemak is located at Jalan Tengkera, where just opposite to Methodist Girl Secondary School (MGSS).

What we can seen from pictures below, maybe is just an ordinary Nasi Lemak serve with rice, sambal, water spinach (kangkung), few slice of cucumber and a fried egg. The sambal and the rice are the main character for Nasi Lemak over here, taste good and you can smell of the Nasi Lemak rice over ‘miles’, and the sambal is hot and spicy, taste good!

You also can have an additional serve with sambal ‘sotong’ or fried chicken together with your Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak @ Jalan Tengkera
Business hour : 6.30pm – 10.00pm (Closed on Tuesday)
GPS Coordinates : N2.203 E102.23386