Melaka Air Polution Index reach 129 at Unhealthy Level


Department of Environment stated Melaka Air Polution Index (API) reach 129 at time 11am, categorized at unhealthy level.

Compare with 7am which API at 112, it’s increase by 17 index.

Update : Melaka Air Polution Index rise up to 161 at Unhealthy Level by 5.00pm, while at Bukit Rambai area also from API 120 unhealthy level to API 135 unhealthy level at 5.00pm

Air Polution at Bandar Melaka are the worst, where at API 161 unhealthy level, next to Bukit Rambai API 135 unhealthy level, and the third are Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan 120 unhealthy level.