Cendol Melaka Clock Tower

Ever wanted to have fresh dessert after tired walking in the sunny hot days at Historical City of Melaka? Malaccan introduce you the “cendol” dessert located near to Stadhuys, where quite popular around Malaccan.

Cendol Jam Loceng Besar or Cendol Melaka Clock Tower is just located opposite of the Stadthuys (red house) and provide dine-in or take away dessert. You can have dine-in after tired of visiting Historical City of Melaka or can choose take away to keep your visitation to Historical City of Melaka.

Today we go have dine-in at Cendol Jam Loceng Besar, where we choose “Sweetcorn Cendol” and “Pulut Cendol”, both taste are above average and since is at tourism area, so we think the price are quite reasonable for local and also tourist.

The “Sweetcorn Cendol”, price : RM1.70

The “Pulut Cendol”, price : RM2.00