Melaka Alive – The Ship Show

On a ship inspired stage, surrounded by water and gardens, the historical tale of Panglima Awang brings to life the Golden Age of Melaka.

Panglima is a actual historical figure. Captured during the Portuguese Invasion of Melaka in 1511, he accompanied Magellan as interpreter on his historic attempt to circumnavigate the World. Panglima disappears off the records shortly after Magellan’s death in the Philippines. So close to the home, Panglima might possibly have been the first person ever to circle the globe.

‘The Winds of Melaka’ uses the tale of Panglima to contrast the Golden Age of Melaka against the catastrophic invasion of the Portuguese. Combining historical fact, live theatre, traditional Malay dance and theme park know-how, the show uses live performers, projection on sail and water curtain, water canons and fireballs to bring to life the founding of Melaka, the importance of the city in Asian trade, and the dramatic invasion that took Panglima from his home.